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The Arab quarter, where different
people live together

Visit Mazara del Vallo. A tour of the town alleys.

The Casbah, a tour
of emotions.

It is the evidence of Arabs presence in 827. Today it is a suggestive timeless place, full of alleys and courtyards, where the muezzin call to prayer at sunset makes the atmosphere unique. Each alley or square in the Casbah quarter seems to tell a gloroious story belonging to old legends.

Recommended itinerary

Piazza Plebiscito

This is the recommended departure point of the tour. The satiro Museum and Collegio dei Gesuiti are located here.

Cortile dell'Inferno (Courtyard)

Go along Carmine Street to reach San Giovanni Street. The Courtyard is on your right.

Scala dei Poverelli (A flight of steps)

The flight of steps is on the left, where San Giovanni Street and Marina Street cross.

The muezzin call spreads in the air like the wind does at sunset, at the end of a hot sunny day. What a magical atmosphere while walking!

Vicolo della Tolleranza (Alley)

Go to Sciacca Street and then go through Immacolata Square.

Vicolo della Pietà (Alley)

Go along Paolo Ferro Street to reach Bagno Square.

Largo dell'Acqua

From Bagno Square, go towards Pescatori Street.


Go along Barca Street to reach Pilazza Street.

Vicolo del Pensiero Bambino (Alley)

Turn right, towards Bambino Street and Aiello Street.

Vicolo del Vento (Alley

Go along San Francesco Street to get to Porta Palermo Street.

Cortile di Sataliviti (Courtyard)

Go back and go along Del Turco Street.

Piazzetta del Turco (Square)

Vicolo degli Aragonesi alley is more or less 10 meters from this square.

Vicolo degli Aragonesi (Alley)

From here you get to Giattino Street.

Vicolo Giattino (Alley)

Vicolo Giattino is the last stop. You can reach Piazza della Repubblica from here.

Most fascinating photos

Casbah: Foto Gallery

The Casbah area is rich in culture and stories to tell, symbol of integration of people in Sicily. A walk through old traditions and stories of men that once lived here. This is a mosaic of past and present. This is the place where people differences meet.

Mazara, the town of welcome and integration

Mazara del Vallo has carried out a cultural project for years, proving to be a multicultural and welcome town, a town of everyone and for everyone, unconditionally. Be the Mediterranean the sea of welcome.

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