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From Capo Feto to Capo

A territory that stretches out straight across from Africa

Mazara del Vallo overlooks the Strait of Sicily and extends between two heads, Capo Feto and Capo Granitola.

The crystal clear sea and miles of coastline of fine sand or rocks follow one another from one end to the other making this part of Sicily a beautiful setting among picturesque coves, parks and reserves where greenery and silence prevail.


The Tonnarella beach of fine white sand stretches as far as Capo Feto, a nature reserve and ecosystem ideal for various protected bird species. The reserve is characterized by a particular phenomenon that sees its surface made up of dunes almost completely submerged by water in winter and completely dry in summer. A very rare combination that makes it an ideal habitat for many water birds.

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Capo Granitola

The extreme tip of Southwestern Sicily is Cape Granitola about 100 nautical miles away from Cape Bon in Africa. The coast is dominated by a white lighthouse 38 meters high, always ready to illuminate the way for sailors for 3 seconds every seven. It is in this stretch of sea that the currents drag the tuna at the end of their long voyage of reproduction.

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From Capo Granitola, to reach the town of Mazara del Vallo, another stretch of coast 'la Quarara' this time it is a rocky coastline characterized by a succession of quiet and secluded natural coves, a true paradise for those who love relaxation and unspoiled nature.

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